The Story

Hey you! Welcome to Ellegrove! Great to meet you 🤝

Thanks for taking the time to check out the boring parts of this website, you curious thing you. I'm Ellen Cosgrove and I design, assemble, make and hand-paint jewellery, accessories, artwork and homewares in Naarm (Melbourne).

When I'm not doing the above, I teach Art, Media and Textiles (full-time) to some pretty rad teenagers in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

As much as I love teaching, it's a stressful job (yes even with the 12 weeks of holidays per year!) and I needed a creative outlet that didn't involve marking.

Therefore, BAM! Ellegrove was born in late 2018 as a really fun, very hands-on distraction from a busy working life.

Since then, I'm proud to say it's developed into a socially conscious, ethical and fun-loving brand. 

I am dedicated to providing you with fierce, fun-loving, statement pieces that inspire confidence and joy.

I hope you enjoy your Ellegrove goodies as much as I love making them!